It’s a state of affairs! Woo!

Chapter Five
Chapter five will be coming to an end in October, and I’ll be posting the Chapter Six Cover during the same month. The following chapter is going to be full of door breaking action, more monsters and Eleanor getting fed up.

So the comic will be taking a “break” until December/January since the following months are going to be action packed and full of work work work. Plus my birthday in November and maybe some fun. Idk. Hopefully I will get comic work done in the chaos, and maybe some neat stuff.

I will being participating in Inktober again this year. You can follow my Instagram or Tumblr for updates. I’ll also be posting my usual monthly doodles.

The theme for me this year will probably be Monster girls. And I’ll revisit some of the girls from last year. (Which you can see on my Instagram)

So I’m having some trouble deciding on what merchandise to work on for Redbubble (and Etsy if there’s any interest). If you could do me a favor and fill out some straw polls I’d appreciate it.

What Themes would you like to see?
What Products would you like to see?


I hope you’re all doing fantastic! Feel free to email the comic email, or drop a comment on our website. We are listening and appreciate any feedback we get.  Sometimes it does take us a while to respond, but we will get to it.

Thanks for all your support.