Long time no see! Where the heck are the new pages you ask?

So a lot of stuff happened during November and December (and October really.) Typically three months is enough time for me to crank out an entire chapter (or half a chapter in the case of the huge ones.) However, my boss was fired from my day job. Long story short, I was the temp replacement until the new hire could come in.

Basically I’ve been suffering some epic burn out. No proper sleep, food or relaxation has actually happened since late October.

During the downtime I was supposed to work on a lot of stuff, Bird Seed, and personal project that has been on hold for like two years, Inktober Overflow. Nothing to done.

Sorry. You’re going to have to wait a bit longer. Which is pretty bad form, but I do need to be sane. Or something like it.

If you want colorful monster girls in the meantime you can check out my Instagram. There is a real media piece I did of Eleanor I hope to scan soon. Depending on how life goes, y’know.