It’s been entirely too long and if I still have loyal readers (and I know I do) thank you guys for putting up with the extend hiatus. I am working on…. a lot. Bird Seed is in the list but I have had time restraints and horrible anxiety. My art has grown a lot since I’ve started this project, and even still the current chapter is a challenge. I’ve been debating on switching software to make the whole process easier but my art style is a pain in the ass.

Eventually this labor of love will be complete. If you’re impatient about that just drop me a line if you want spoilers? Nothing is in stone yet (besides the current chapter) so things are always subject to change.

Again, thanks so much for reading this little train wreak.

In other news. Our writer is having a really rough time, so if you have any encouraging words for Vyn, it would be greatly appreciated.