Bird Seed is a graphic novel about the adventures of an odd living doll named Eleanor, and the strange, newly created Pumpkin Queen Loraine. Together the pair face the bizarre dangerous world and find out things they rather wouldn’t about people and places. The world isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, so will they even be able to find what Eleanor is searching for or figure out what Loraine has to do with all of the chaos that’s happening in the world?

This comic is an experiment. The artist wanted to do something in a loose sketchy style, while the writer actually wanted to try her hand at writing comics. And thus, Bird Seed was pulled together from a set of independent ideas from each creator.


Geri “Kari” Nonnewitz

You can call me Kari. I happen to be the artist, writer and general designer of this quaint little comic. I have a four year degree in fine arts, and I’m an avid lover of comics, literature, and storytelling. I’ve tried to start several different webcomics in the past, though none of them have ever clicked quite like Bird Seed.

Perhaps that has something to with the successful collaborative aspect of the project? I have never been able to share a comic idea quite like this one, and I’m curious to see how well two heads will work compared to one. This comic is an adventure for the readers and the creators, I hope you enjoy the ride.

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Vyn Davis

This is Vyn! A writer and lover of words (preferably of the written variety) and resident coding expert. I don’t usually talk too much about myself, so let’s give this a shot! I’ve been through two years of web design, but most of my coding skills are self taught. My love of CSS borders on the unholy and is matched only by my love of storytelling. I adore graphic novels, comics, and just art in general. As such I’ve always been interested in creating a comic of my own, but never have the confidence in my artistic ability to pursue it myself.

Collaborating with Kari has been an amazing project. Working on a comic together presents a fantastically unique experience in writing and storytelling (scripting is terrifying!). I can’t wait to see where this project takes us!

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