Warning: This section may contain spoilers, read at your own risk. Consider this a Vocabulary Lesson.

This comic is set in a world similar to earth, though the technology level varies from place to place. More often than not the technology level should be considered “clockpunk” though obviously there’s a magical element mixed into the world as a whole.

Humans – The most prevalent of the races. Humans populate and control the world.

Automations or Automates – The mechanical creatures that serve humans and the other beings in the world of Bird Seed. They are nothing more than robots, and follow simple programming.

Dolls – The constructs created by the doll maker Klaus. They’re independent creatures that are living on their own power. Unlike Automations they have personalities and don’t follow a program. They are, however, the inspiration for the mechanical dolls that inhabit the world.

Spirits – Unusual supernatural beings that inhabit the world. They have control over a variety of magical things that influence the other beings in Bird Seed. More often than not, normal people can’t see them. And if they can see them, they appear to be normal humans.

Natural Constructs – The creatures who have recently shown up in the world that seem to be plants and other nature elements brought to life, such as Loraine. Not many people know how to react to their existence.